What you should know about economics and why your liberty depends on it.

Book Quotes

If you condemn the profit motive, you are condemning capital; by condemning capital, you are condemning future production; by condemning future production, you are condemning CIVILIZATION

Page 12

The fraudulent idea that a printing press or a digital entry can create wealth can only be maintained by believing that money itself is wealth.  While money can represent capital or wealth, that is not the same thing as being capital or wealth.

Page 20

This (the Federal Reserve System) is a monetary system of indentured slavery!

Page 33

They (the Federal Reserve central bankers) have corrupted the very essence of any possible free market; our “medium of exchange”. Our ability to make a legitimate value-exchange from producer to producer has been seized by a bunch of devious, elitist, Economic Vampires!

Page 38

Only by promoting Democracy can our rulers confiscate our property through unconstitutional taxes and “funny money” creation with the apparent approval of the masses.
Page 47

We are a Constitutional Republic with a democratic election process to select our representatives, not a Democracy.

Page 47

The goal of “party politics” is to grow the size and power of government in the direction of a particular ideology.
Page 49

Democracy is the illusion (or delusion) of government by the “will of the people”.

Page 49

The only equality we can and actually must protect is that “we are all equal under the law”.

Page 54

Jurors have every right to judge the validity of the law itself; otherwise we are nothing more than government puppets.  Any law or regulation where no individual human being has been damaged is nothing more than capital confiscation for the benefit of the State.  Use your power as a juror to Nullify these attacks on our freedom and production!

Page 55

Charity does not come from the threat of force or the barrel of a government gun.

Page 75

Forced social welfare separates the humanity and goodwill in the act of giving from the act of receiving and alienates the true giver from the receiver.

Page 77

This vast potential growth of capital and wealth (our Social Security Trust Fund) has been stolen from us and squandered on more wealth redistribution schemes to benefit an ever-growing government.

Page 85